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Friday, March 27, 2009

Gazette's Live Blog of Press Conference

Cedar Rapids Gazette sportswriter Marc Morehouse conducted a live blog today from Iowa's press conference with Coach Lickliter and AD Gary Barta. Morehouse also runs the blog On Iowa and if you don't visit it on a regular basis, you should. He puts out excelllent content.

Here is a transcript of today's live blog with Morehouse:

1:33 Marc Morehouse:
Players lining the room, waiting for Lickliter

1:34 Marc Morehouse:
Don't see Jeff Peterson

1:35 Marc Morehouse:
The principal players are here if that's Matt Gatens and Anthony Tucker. No Cole, at least not yet.

1:38 Marc Morehouse:
Lick starts

1:38 Marc Morehouse:
Change happens in programs

1:39 Marc Morehouse:
Four individuals make a change.

1:39 Marc Morehouse:
More prominent or different role than we can guarantee.

1:39 Marc Morehouse:
Fully support Jake Kelly

1:39 Marc Morehouse:
One of better PGs in Big Ten, enjoyable to coach.

1:40 Marc Morehouse:
Sometimes change is good, honor request.

1:40 Marc Morehouse:
Love guys we got here.

1:40 Marc Morehouse:
On the right track. Dark before the dawn.

1:40 Marc Morehouse:

1:41 Marc Morehouse:
Palmer, Peterson and Davis gone.

1:42 Marc Morehouse:
There's information out there. We're offered info from time to time. Very visible. Inkling himself (to transfer), it's offered up.

1:43 Marc Morehouse:
On Jake, his father and Jake have been up front and open. Don't blame him. Want him to stay

1:44 Marc Morehouse:
He's drained, but believe on other side of that.

1:45 Marc Morehouse:
Hopes Peterson has a great career wherever he goes. Nowhere to go yet.

1:45 Marc Morehouse:
Hopefully have an announcement on recruiting

1:47 Marc Morehouse:
Cole will be back.

2:00 Marc Morehouse:
Sorry, horrible connection.

2:00 Marc Morehouse:
They will make their trip in May

2:00 [Comment From njhawk]
Marc, what else besides the four players?

2:01 Marc Morehouse:
That's about it, NJ.
The departures was the news.

2:01 [Comment From Guest]
Marc - who will make their trip in May?

2:01 Marc Morehouse:
Lick said 7 players.

2:01 Marc Morehouse:
Hopes for an announcement soon on the recruiting front.

2:02 [Comment From Guest]
What was Lick's general demeanor during the conference? Typical Lick or more somber than usual?

2:02 Marc Morehouse:
A cross between a cat on a hot tin roof and hang dog salesman.

2:03 [Comment From Guest]
gilliespie just got canned, can we pick him up?

2:03 Marc Morehouse:
Barta is next to me. I'll let him know about Gillespie.

2:03 [Comment From Greg]
What about Creekmur, MDJ?

2:04 Marc Morehouse:
He can't talk about Creekmur.

2:04 Marc Morehouse:
Barta, absolutely supports lick. Never questions appraoch, strategy.

2:05 [Comment From TC]
was a reason given for petersen's depature

2:05 Marc Morehouse:
TC, Peterson wants a more prominent role.

2:05 Marc Morehouse:
Barta, plan for Carver will push on. There might be adjustments to the timeline, reacting to the economy.

2:06 Marc Morehouse:
Barta, right now, yeah, it's going to be more diffucult to raise money.

2:07 [Comment From njhawk]
Marc, ask him if Obama's budget that limits deductability of donations for those making more than $250k will hur their efforst to raise money for the practice facility

2:07 Marc Morehouse:
That is a great question, unfortunately, I'm blocked out of this one.

2:09 Marc Morehouse:
End of this year, Barta plans sit down. This is usual stuff. Says it every season, every coach

2:10 [Comment From Steve]
Any mention of changes to the Coaching staff?

2:11 Marc Morehouse:
Steve, no mention of that.

2:12 [Comment From Scott]
So who is committed to staying?

2:13 Marc Morehouse:
Everyone but the four mentioned -- Peterson, Palmer (who'll graduate), Kelly and Davis.

2:17 Marc Morehouse:
I believe Lick said Palmer was going to look into a DII switch.

2:17 Marc Morehouse:
Barta on the state of the program: "Are we going to have to make an adjustment, sure. Confident in guys coming back. I know the recruiting. Confident in commits and the ones talking to now."

2:19 [Comment From Guest]
Marc, what's your take on why no one asked very tough questions...like how will this even work? Were only known supporters invited to ask questions?

2:19 Marc Morehouse:
No, it wasn't steered. Some toughies were asked. He danced like Shawn Johnson.

2:20 [Comment From Ban Dohall]
Lickliter is quickly treading in Barry Collier territory

2:20 Marc Morehouse:
I think that's an excellent observation, Ban.

2:21 [Comment From RoyM]
If I'm a recruit and 4 players leave in one week - would I want to go to that school?

2:21 Marc Morehouse:
Fair question, Roy.

2:22 [Comment From GDRisreal]
Hey Marc, don't you find it strange that besides Davis, all these were Alford recruits?

2:23 Marc Morehouse:
GDR, Lick was asked that. Didn't have an answer. That might explain a lot, but those answers will have to come from the jailbreakers.

2:24 [Comment From Guest]
Is there any unsigned impact recruits who don't have questionable character that will be willing to help turn this program in the right direction??

2:25 Marc Morehouse:
Guest, excellent question. Right now, this would be McDermott's first season, taking a chance on a bunch of late dudes.