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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

03.31.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Work has started on Kinnick Stadium's field, drainage system
03.31.09 - Football - Hawk Central

Four downs with the linebackers
03.31.09 - Football - Blog: On Iowa

Iowa's Ferentz earns honor from Connecticut
03.31.09 - Football - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Iowa recruit Marcus Jordan starts his recruiting rounds
03.31.09 - Basketball - Blog: The Hlog

Armstead has three offers
03.31.09 - Basketball - The Hawk Eye Blog

Past proves Iowa can lure blue chip recruits
03.31.09 - Basketball - Hawk Central

Monday, March 30, 2009

03.30.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

UI's roster: half full or half empty?
03.30.09 - Basketball - Hawk Central

Lickliter wastes no time in trying to fill scholarships
03.30.09 - Basketball - Blog: Storminspank.com

Hawkeye Basketball: Where does the team go from here?
03.30.09 - Basketball - Bleacher Report

Wish you were here
03.30.09 - Basketball - Blog: Quadsville

Plenty of competition at QB for Iowa this spring
03.30.09 - Football - Blog: Doc's Office

11 questions for Big Ten spring football
03.30.09 - Football - Chicago Tribune

Cool UConn award for Ferentz
03.30.09 - Football - Blog: On Iowa

Hawks beat the snow, but fall to Michigan
03.30.09 - Baseball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gazette's Live Blog of Press Conference

Cedar Rapids Gazette sportswriter Marc Morehouse conducted a live blog today from Iowa's press conference with Coach Lickliter and AD Gary Barta. Morehouse also runs the blog On Iowa and if you don't visit it on a regular basis, you should. He puts out excelllent content.

Here is a transcript of today's live blog with Morehouse:

1:33 Marc Morehouse:
Players lining the room, waiting for Lickliter

1:34 Marc Morehouse:
Don't see Jeff Peterson

1:35 Marc Morehouse:
The principal players are here if that's Matt Gatens and Anthony Tucker. No Cole, at least not yet.

1:38 Marc Morehouse:
Lick starts

1:38 Marc Morehouse:
Change happens in programs

1:39 Marc Morehouse:
Four individuals make a change.

1:39 Marc Morehouse:
More prominent or different role than we can guarantee.

1:39 Marc Morehouse:
Fully support Jake Kelly

1:39 Marc Morehouse:
One of better PGs in Big Ten, enjoyable to coach.

1:40 Marc Morehouse:
Sometimes change is good, honor request.

1:40 Marc Morehouse:
Love guys we got here.

1:40 Marc Morehouse:
On the right track. Dark before the dawn.

1:40 Marc Morehouse:

1:41 Marc Morehouse:
Palmer, Peterson and Davis gone.

1:42 Marc Morehouse:
There's information out there. We're offered info from time to time. Very visible. Inkling himself (to transfer), it's offered up.

1:43 Marc Morehouse:
On Jake, his father and Jake have been up front and open. Don't blame him. Want him to stay

1:44 Marc Morehouse:
He's drained, but believe on other side of that.

1:45 Marc Morehouse:
Hopes Peterson has a great career wherever he goes. Nowhere to go yet.

1:45 Marc Morehouse:
Hopefully have an announcement on recruiting

1:47 Marc Morehouse:
Cole will be back.

2:00 Marc Morehouse:
Sorry, horrible connection.

2:00 Marc Morehouse:
They will make their trip in May

2:00 [Comment From njhawk]
Marc, what else besides the four players?

2:01 Marc Morehouse:
That's about it, NJ.
The departures was the news.

2:01 [Comment From Guest]
Marc - who will make their trip in May?

2:01 Marc Morehouse:
Lick said 7 players.

2:01 Marc Morehouse:
Hopes for an announcement soon on the recruiting front.

2:02 [Comment From Guest]
What was Lick's general demeanor during the conference? Typical Lick or more somber than usual?

2:02 Marc Morehouse:
A cross between a cat on a hot tin roof and hang dog salesman.

2:03 [Comment From Guest]
gilliespie just got canned, can we pick him up?

2:03 Marc Morehouse:
Barta is next to me. I'll let him know about Gillespie.

2:03 [Comment From Greg]
What about Creekmur, MDJ?

2:04 Marc Morehouse:
He can't talk about Creekmur.

2:04 Marc Morehouse:
Barta, absolutely supports lick. Never questions appraoch, strategy.

2:05 [Comment From TC]
was a reason given for petersen's depature

2:05 Marc Morehouse:
TC, Peterson wants a more prominent role.

2:05 Marc Morehouse:
Barta, plan for Carver will push on. There might be adjustments to the timeline, reacting to the economy.

2:06 Marc Morehouse:
Barta, right now, yeah, it's going to be more diffucult to raise money.

2:07 [Comment From njhawk]
Marc, ask him if Obama's budget that limits deductability of donations for those making more than $250k will hur their efforst to raise money for the practice facility

2:07 Marc Morehouse:
That is a great question, unfortunately, I'm blocked out of this one.

2:09 Marc Morehouse:
End of this year, Barta plans sit down. This is usual stuff. Says it every season, every coach

2:10 [Comment From Steve]
Any mention of changes to the Coaching staff?

2:11 Marc Morehouse:
Steve, no mention of that.

2:12 [Comment From Scott]
So who is committed to staying?

2:13 Marc Morehouse:
Everyone but the four mentioned -- Peterson, Palmer (who'll graduate), Kelly and Davis.

2:17 Marc Morehouse:
I believe Lick said Palmer was going to look into a DII switch.

2:17 Marc Morehouse:
Barta on the state of the program: "Are we going to have to make an adjustment, sure. Confident in guys coming back. I know the recruiting. Confident in commits and the ones talking to now."

2:19 [Comment From Guest]
Marc, what's your take on why no one asked very tough questions...like how will this even work? Were only known supporters invited to ask questions?

2:19 Marc Morehouse:
No, it wasn't steered. Some toughies were asked. He danced like Shawn Johnson.

2:20 [Comment From Ban Dohall]
Lickliter is quickly treading in Barry Collier territory

2:20 Marc Morehouse:
I think that's an excellent observation, Ban.

2:21 [Comment From RoyM]
If I'm a recruit and 4 players leave in one week - would I want to go to that school?

2:21 Marc Morehouse:
Fair question, Roy.

2:22 [Comment From GDRisreal]
Hey Marc, don't you find it strange that besides Davis, all these were Alford recruits?

2:23 Marc Morehouse:
GDR, Lick was asked that. Didn't have an answer. That might explain a lot, but those answers will have to come from the jailbreakers.

2:24 [Comment From Guest]
Is there any unsigned impact recruits who don't have questionable character that will be willing to help turn this program in the right direction??

2:25 Marc Morehouse:
Guest, excellent question. Right now, this would be McDermott's first season, taking a chance on a bunch of late dudes.

Lickliter makes it official: 4 Iowa Players leaving team

Coach Lickliter confirmed at an afternoon press conference today what many have been speculating for days. Jake Kelly, Jeff Peterson, David Palmer and Jermain Davis have all asked and been granted their release from the Iowa Basketball program.

Kelly, an Indiana native, is expected to transfer to a school closer to his home, most likely Indiana State. His mother passed away in a plane accident last summer and that appears to be the driving cause for Kelly's desire to play closer to home.

Peterson has been rumored to be looking into playing for Missouri State in his hometown of Springfield, Mo. Lickliter confirmed that Peterson had asked to leave Iowa and wants to play for a school where he has a more prominent role.

David Palmer will be graduating after the conclusion of the spring semester and has decided not to continue playing for the Hawkeyes.

Jermain Davis, as was reported earlier in the week, will transfer to Division II Minnesota State-Mankato. He had been quoted as saying he did not understand his role with this year's Hawkeyes and didn't like Iowa's style of play.

Lickliter also said the plans for the team to travel overseas in May for games is still on and the remaining 7 Hawkeyes are all expected to make the trip. That would be Anthony Tucker, Matt Gatens, Aaron Fuller, Jarryd Cole, Devan Bawinkel, Andrew Brommer, and John Lickliter.

03.27.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Jake Kelly leaving team
03.27.09 - Basketball - Hawk Central

Jake Kelly's dad says he's leaving
03.27.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Kelly is gone
03.27.09 - Basketball - The Hawk Eye Blog

Jake Kelly's father: Son is given release, leaving Hawkeyes
03.27.09 - Basketball - Des Moines Register

It's (Sort of) Offcial, Jake Kelly leaving Iowa
03.27.09 - Basketball - Blog: Storminspank.com

Iowa Basketball: So many questions, so few answers
03.27.09 - Basketball - Blog: The Hlog

Future looks rough for Hawkeyes
03.27.09 - Basketball - Hawk Central

Marshalltown de-committment opens door for Heelan prep
03.27.09 - Basketball - Des Moines Register

Carver-Hawkeye renovation plows ahead
03.27.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Metcalf apologizes for finals push
03.27.09 - Wrestling - Hawk Central

Metcalf apologizes for NCAA wrestling push
03.27.09 - Wrestling - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Thursday, March 26, 2009

03.26.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Hawkeyes emptying the nest?
03.26.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Hawkeye hysteria reaches fever pitch as rumors fly
03.26.09 - Basketball - The Hawk Eye Blog

A big hole in the Hawkeyes, and their fans' hearts
03.26.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Welcome to the swift, fiery, horrific destruction of Iowa Basketball
03.26.09 - Basketball - Blog: Black Heart Gold Pants

Hawkeyes' revolving men's basketball door could test fans' patience
03.26.09 - Basketball - Des Moines Register

Davis leaves Hawkeyes
03.26.09 - Basketball - Hawk Central

Davis leaves program; prep who committed re-opens recruitment
03.26.09 - Basketball - Des Moines Register

Creekmur takes back commitment to Hawkeyes
03.26.09 - Basketball - Marshalltown Times-Republican

This could have been the Hawkeyes (sarcasm alert)
03.26.09 - Basketball - Blog: The Hlog

Hawks try not to let optimism get off track
03.26.09 - Football - Cedar Rapids Gazette

A fresh outlook
03.26.09 - Football - Hawk Central

Ferentz standing by Adrian Clayborn*
03.26.09 - Football - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Clayborn to practice with Hawkeyes
03.26.09 - Football - Des Moines Register

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jermain Davis transferring, Jake Kelly too?

The Gazette's Scott Dochterman is reporting that Jermain Davis is leaving the Iowa basketball program, and Jake Kelly may be transferring as well.

Via Doc's Office:
Junior Jermain Davis told me today that he is leaving the Iowa men’s basketball team for Minnesota State-Mankato after the spring semester.
Dochterman also spoke to Kelly's father, and it sounds as though the rumors of Jake transferring to a school closer to his home in Indiana appear to be true.

Unfortunately that may not be all. Rumors have been swirling all day about departures from the Iowa baskeball program. We've heard other names mentioned as well. There may be 1 or 2 more players leaving the team. Stay tuned....

Des Moines TV Station WHO was told this by Iowa guard Jake Kelly (via DM Register):
“I wish I could tell you something, but I can’t. I’m not allowed to. Call me back later in the week.”
Doesn't sound good.

And there's more?
Scott Dochterman has now updated his post at Doc's Office to include this nugget on guard Jeff Peterson:
Sophomore guard Jeff Peterson “most likely” plans to transfer to Missouri State in his hometown of Springfield, Mo., a close friend of Peterson’s said Wednesday.
So the count is 3 transfers so far: Jermain Davis, Jake Kelly, and Jeff Peterson (probably).

03.25.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Is Kelly leaving Iowa?
03.25.09 - Basketball - Blog: Doc's Office

Iowa Pro Day a popular event with scouts
03.25.09 - Football - NFL.com

Running game is key for Iowa this spring
03.25.09 - Football - Rivals.com

Tim Brewster has a Twitter Feed; Oscar Wilde Wins Again
03.25.09 - Football - Blog: Black Heart Gold Pants

This tourney doesn't have hosts with the most
03.25.09 - W Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

03.24.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Strong Pro Day performance could push ex-Hawk up in NFL draft
03.24.09 - Football - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Spring football preview
03.24.09 - Football - Quad City Times

Hawkeyes look to future after NCAA first-round exit
03.24.09 - W Basketball - Hawk Central

Iowa's season filled with fight
03.24.09 - W Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Fans turn out for NCAA games
03.24.09 - W Basketball - Hawk Central

March's reality is too painful for Hawks
03.24.09 - W Basketball - Burlington Hawk Eye

Monday, March 23, 2009

03.23.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Georgia Tech too quick for Hawkeyes in NCAA Tournament
03.23.09 - W Basketball - Des Moines Register

Tech too strong, quick and athletic
03.23.09 - W Basketball - Hawk Central

Ushered out
03.23.09 - W Basketball - Hawk Central

Ga. Tech plays spoiler; Iowa out in first round for 4th straight time
03.23.09 - W Basketball - Quad City Times

Georgia Tech 76, Iowa 62
03.23.09 - W Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Fans unable to lift Hawks
03.23.09 - W Basketball - Hawk Central

National champion Iowa will return plenty of talent
03.23.09 - Wrestling - Cedar Rapids Gazette

An imperfect ending to title season
03.23.09 - Wrestling - Hawk Central

Friday, March 20, 2009

Clayborn Pleads Not Guilty to Assault

UI Sports Information: IOWA CITY, IA - University of Iowa football defensive end Adrian Clayborn has pled not guilty to a charge of assault causing bodily injury. The charge resulted from an incident in January involving Clayborn and an Iowa City taxi driver.

Iowa Head Football Coach Kirk Ferentz had the following comment: “I’ve been aware of this alleged incident since January and consider it to be a serious situation. Based on what I know to this point, I think it is best to let due process run its course before coming to any judgment.”

Clayborn is a 6-3, 282-pound junior from St. Louis, MO. He started 11 games and played in all 13 contests for the Hawkeyes last season. He totaled 50 tackles.

For more information check out Marc Morehouse's (CR Gazette) blog: On Iowa

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

03.18.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

JUCO Forward Devon Archie verbals to the Iowa Hawkeye BB Program
03.18.09 - Basketball - Blog: Storminspank.com

Hawkeyes land another recruit
03.18.09 - Basketball - Des Moines Register

Iowa signs Juco 6-9 forward
03.18.09 - Basketball - Quad City Times

Iowa basketball's best/worst: Nos. 6, 5
03.18.09 - Basketball - Blog: Doc's Office

Iowa to host regional round of O'Reilly Classic
03.18.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Best in the U.S.? Hawkeyes' Metcalf
03.18.09 - Wrestling - Des Moines Register

Motivation everywhere
03.18.09 - Wrestling - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Experience is everything for Tsirtsis
03.18.09 - Wrestling - Hawk Central

Never back down
03.18.09 - Wrestling - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Hawkeyes can expect younger, deeper Yellow Jackets
03.18.09 - W Basketball - Des Moines Register

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

03.17.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Iowa earns a No. 8 seed, will host Georgia Tech on Sunday
03.17.09 - W Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Hawkeye women just happy to be playing at home
03.17.09 - W Basketball - Hawk Central

Hawkeyes relish second shot at Yellow Jackets
03.17.09 - W Basketball - Des Moines Register

Hawkeyes draw No. 8 seed
03.17.09 - W Basketball - Quad City Times

Hawks familiar with foes
03.17.09 - Wrestling - Hawk Central

Four downs with the RBs
03.17.09 - Football - Blog: On Iowa

Iowa basketball's best/worst moments: Nos. 8 and 7
03.17.09 - Basketball - Blog: Doc's Office

Monday, March 16, 2009

03.16.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Hawks await tournament bracket
03.16.09 - W Basketball - Quad City Times

Iowa's NCAA opponent? It's wide open
03.16.09 - W Basketball - Des Moines Register

The Metcalf highlight reel
03.16.09 - Wrestling - Hawk Central

Pondering progress amid conflicting numbers
03.16.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Iowa basketball's best, worst moments: Nos. 10 and 9
03.16.09 - Basketball - Blog: Doc's Office

Sunday's Big Ten baseball roundup
03.16.09 - Baseball - BigTenNetwork.com

Thursday, March 12, 2009

03.12.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Michigan 73 Iowa 45

HSN's Live Game Chat of Today's Iowa-Michigan game at 1:30
03.12.09 - Basketball - BigTenForum.com

Hawkeyes tipoff: Michigan
03.12.09 - Basketball - Quad City Times

Underclassmen overachieving in the Big Ten
03.12.09 - Basketball - Des Moines Register

Tate, Cole join forces
03.12.09 - Basketball - Hawk Central

Jeff Peterson is a total liability
03.12.09 - Basketball - Blog: Black Heart Gold Pants

Filling a Void
03.12.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Balanced field makes for exciting weekend in Indy
03.12.09 - Basketball - Quad City Times

Erin Andrews, Big Ten predictions, and live blogging
03.12.09 - Basketball - Blog: Doc's Office

Big 10 Tournament: Iowa vs Michigan

Thur. March 12th - 1:30PM - Conseco Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
IOWA: 15-16 (5-13, 10th) / MICHIGAN: 19-12 (9-9, 7th)
KenPom.com: IOWA: 85; MICHIGAN: 53
Vegas Line: Michigan -5

TV: ESPN2 (Brent Musberger, Steve Lavin, and Erin Andrews)
Radio: Hawkeye Radio Network
Game Notes: Big Ten Tournament

Hawkeye Sports News will be providing live coverage of Thursday's opening-round game between Iowa and Michigan. The Live Game Chat is being hosted by Big Ten Forum. Thursday's game starts at 1:30 p.m, and the chat will begin around 1PM. Please come and join our Live Game Chat at BigTenForum.com.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Ten Tournament Odds

John Gasaway (formerly known as 'Big Ten Wonk') has posted Ken Pomeroy's log5 tables for this year's 'Major' Conference Tournaments on Basketball Prospectus. Pomeroy has been using his ratings and "log5" principles to figure probabilities for conference tournaments for a few years now. "log5" originally came from baseball statisticians and has been used to do the same probabilities for the Major League Baseball's playoffs for a while. Anyways, here are the numbers for the Big Ten Tournament, and if you need a further explanation visit John's Basketball Prospectus post.

1Michigan State100.077.354.333.7
5Ohio State100.
6Penn State84.316.95.01.2

So you're telling me there's a chance!?!

These numbers say Iowa has a 38.9% chance of beating Michigan on Thursday, and a 8.7% chance of winning both Thursday against Michigan and Friday against Illinois. The Hawkeyes have a mere 0.5% chance of running the four-day gauntlet. Nothing too earth shattering. Not many expect Iowa to be around come Saturday let alone earning the Big Ten's automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. Nevertheless, HSN will be live blogging however far Iowa does make it this weekend. Join us Thursday for our Live Game Chat, starting at about 1PM over at the BigTenForum.com!

03.11.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

HSN's Live Chat of Thursday's Iowa-Michigan Big Ten Tourney game
03.11.09 - Basketball - BigTenForum.com

Guard Peterson to have surgery
03.11.09 - Basketball - Quad City Times

Future of Prime Time League in doubt?
03.11.09 - Basketball - Blog: Doc's Office

Cole, Tate finally get chance to play together
03.11.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Kelly, Gatens earn All-Big Ten honors
03.11.09 - Basketball - Quad City Times

Conference Check: Final Reality Edition
03.11.09 - Basketball - Basketball Prospectus

Beilein: Michigan basketball team controls its postseason destiny
03.11.09 - Basketball - Ann Arbor News

Ferentz hangs with heavy hitters at Spring Training
03.11.09 - Misc - Blog: The Hlog

Fun and games over for Hawks
03.11.09 - Wrestling - Hawk Central

Monday, March 9, 2009

03.09.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Jake Kelly Big Ten Player of the Week
03.09.09 - Basketball - Hawk Central

Hawks to meet Michigan in Big Ten Tournament
03.09.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Iowa set to battle Michigan in Indy
03.09.09 - Basketball - Hawk Central

Gatens on short list for freshman honor
03.09.09 - Basketball - Quad City Times

My final Big Ten ballot
03.09.09 - Basketball - Blog: Doc's Office

Hawkeyes win Big Ten wrestling, 2 champs
03.09.09 - Wrestling - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Hawks take conference title
03.09.09 - Wrestling - Hawk Central

Hawkeyes crown two champs, win Big Ten
03.09.09 - Wrestling - Quad City Times

Metcalf, Erekson lead Iowa to title repeat
03.09.09 - Wrestling - Hawk Central

Beatty overcomes pain, foe
03.09.09 - Wrestling - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Iowa's Heinzman clutch in victory
03.09.09 - Softball - Hawk Central

Thursday, March 5, 2009

03.05.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Iowa set to address facilities 'wish list'
03.05.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

For wrestling uniforms, it's back to the Gable era
03.05.09 - Wrestling - Daily Iowan

Alexander on the rebound
03.05.09 - W Basketball - Quad City Times

Big Ten women's basketball tournament: Sizing up the field
03.05.09 - W Basketball - Des Moines Register

As women head to Big Ten, let the madness begin
03.05.09 - W Basketball - Daily Iowan

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Check out the Outback Bowl trophy tonight at Carver

From UI Ticket Office:

Fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes are invited to officially close the book on the 2008 college football season by checking out the 2009 Outback Bowl trophy prior to Tuesday's home game for Coach Todd Lickliter's Iowa men's basketball team against Ohio State in Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Select members of the UI football team that defeated South Carolina in Tampa on New Year's Day will visit with fans of the Hawkeyes from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on the south concourse of Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Tipoff for the game between the Hawkeyes and the Buckeyes is set for shortly after 8 p.m.

$10 Tickets for tonight's game are still available thru the UI Ticket Office.

For those unable to attend tonight's game, The Gazette will again be hosting a Live Blog at their website.

03.03.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Kelly shows he's not just a temp at point guard
03.03.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Lickliter talks Hawks, road woes
03.03.09 - Basketball - Quad City Times

Lickliter to evaluate during off-season
03.03.09 - Basketball - Des Moines Register

Renovated Field House could ease stress on Carver
03.03.09 - Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Hawkeye tipoff: Ohio State
03.03.09 - Basketball - Quad City Times

Iowa faces Ohio State
03.03.09 - Basketball - Radio Iowa

Not ready for Prime Time
03.03.09 - Basketball - Blog: Hawkmania.com

Say hello to Fry Fest!!
03.03.09 - Football - Blog: On Iowa

Hawks have three No. 1 seeds
03.03.09 - Wrestling - Hawk Central

Iowa has 9 seeded wrestlers for Big Ten meet
03.03.09 - Wrestling - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Smith named all-Big Ten
03.03.09 - W Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Seeing is believing
03.03.09 - W Basketball - Hawk Central

Monday, March 2, 2009

03.02.09 - Hawkeye Newsstand

Will they be back?
03.02.09 - Basketball - Hawk Central

How will Murray, Mossbrucker work?
03.02.09 - Football - Blog: On Iowa

Hawks stop Wildcats, finish tied for second
03.02.09 - W Basketball - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Iowa grabs No. 4 in Big Ten tourney
03.02.09 - W Basketball - Quad City Times

Iowa women tie for second in Big Ten
03.02.09 - W Basketball - Hawk Central

Hawk baseball team struggles
03.02.09 - Baseball - Hawk Central